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I never thought my mug would be on TV, but on 10th May you’ll spot us on Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire at 9pm on TLC. I thought I’d write a little behind the scenes blog post on our day, as it was full on but we all enjoyed every single second. The camera and production crew from True North, the girls in the bridal shop and of course Gok made the experience unforgettable.

Picture this. It’s 6am, and I’ve jumped in the car in joggers and a hoodie after sending my good friend and make-up artist Mel a panic text at 9pm the night before. “Please please tell me that you can fit me in for make-up early doors tomorrow?! It’s urgent!” I said… and it really was. Mel being the angel she is headed to the salon at the crack of dawn to paint my face ready for my day of filming that lay ahead.

After choosing a nice, natural glowy look, I frantically dashed back home to do something to my hair. The car was booked to pick us up at 7.30am and take us to Eva Rose Hamilton to meet the crew… and as usual I was nowhere near ready. At 7.15am, Gaz’s mum and my future mother-in-law Jan strolled through the door. Never late that one! My mum and grandma had stayed over the night before, and to be honest, we’ve never been great where timekeeping is concerned. Sod it, I’ll just straighten it… my hair drops out within seconds of leaving a curling tong so there was honestly no point in me even attempting it. I threw on my dress and ran downstairs to meet the car. The crew were calling the driver for updates on our arrival, and I sat in the back the entire way to Colne thinking about how bad I was at being on time. Still had time for a quick selfie though… Melissa’s Makeup and Beauty in St Helens everyone! She’s a gem.


When we arrived at the bridal boutique, we were met by the loveliest producers and runners – the highlight was when one of them offered to take my ‘jacket’ which was actually my dress. L O L. I didn’t think parading around in underwear was part of the show hun? After being in such a rush all morning, we were absolutely starving and were greeted with a nice breakfast upstairs in the menswear section – as the bridal floor was totally off limits until filming started. It was a perfect opportunity for a few photos before the day started – the lighting was on point so why the hell not?! I don’t think where I was or what I was doing had quite sunk in at this stage. I remember absolutely hating on my hair but feeling so excited to meet Gok!

I don’t want to spoil the programme so you’ll all have to watch and see what happens, but chatting to Gok and having him pick out wedding dresses for me to try was absolutely amazing. I always used to watch his show ‘How To Look Good Naked’ (did anyone else watch that?!) and always thought he was so cute but also super talented at what he does. He just knows what suits women! I also never truly appreciated or realised the work that goes into filming a TV programme until I experienced this first hand… they graft like crazy and it’s a very, very long day. When I was upstairs getting dressed in between shots, the family had a great time… and plenty of prosecco!


As filming drew to a close, I felt so much gratitude to everybody who had made it so special. Michelle, who was assisting Gok was possibly one of the most genuine and down to earth girls I’ve ever met… so if you’re after a wedding dress definitely pay her a visit at Ava Rose. After we wrapped up at the boutique, we headed to another location where we were met by Gaz to do our final interviews as a couple. They’ve invited the guys on for this series and introduced some very First Dates ‘would you see each other again’ type shots which is really nice! Having my Grandma with us was special as she has actually just turned 89… so when this programme is aired, we will have those memories of her forever. When grandparents get to this sort of age, you really don’t know how long left you have to enjoy them being around… so knowing that I’ll always have my Grandma’s reaction to seeing me in a wedding dress for the first time is close to my heart.

If anybody ever has the opportunity to anything like this, I really would urge you to! It was well outside of my comfort zone, especially having cameras on you from every single angle you could imagine… worrying about how your voice will sound… worrying about if you have a random bogey dangling off your nose that nobody has dared tell you about (it can’t just be me that’s paranoid of stuff like that?!)… but it genuinely was so much fun. I’ve loved watching the rest of the girls so far – 9pm every Friday is my new favourite time of the week.

10th May at 9pm on TLC – look out for us!