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Hands up if you’ve ever let a negative comment from somebody ruin your day?

Or your week? Maybe you’ve been trolled on social media, or made decisions in your life based on not wanting to upset someone, or for being fearful of how they may judge you.

Here’s 30 reasons to stop thinking this way. Next time you’re fearful of what other people think of you, read this. You’ll find a reason that applies!

1. You’ll never change their mind

2. You’ll never please absolutely everybody

3. You’ll never be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’

4. Think about it. It doesn’t really affect you

5. It doesn’t affect what you can achieve

6. It doesn’t earn you any more money

7. It doesn’t make you any happier

8. It doesn’t make you look or feel any younger

9. It doesn’t make you any wiser

10. You’ll always find somebody who doesn’t agree with you

11. It wastes valuable energy that could be used elsewhere

12. It makes you feel deflated and drained

13. It puts you in a negative state of mind

14. If they’re your friend, or family, they should support you no matter what. If not, their opinion is irrelevant

15. That person isn’t you, and doesn’t see life through the same lens that you do

16. That person probably isn’t happy themselves

17. That person is projecting their insecurity, self doubt and disbelief onto you

18. That person doesn’t understand or want to understand what you do, or the situation you’re in

19. That person may be missing something in their life that you’ve got

20. That person is probably jealous of you

21. Everybody has an opinion, even if you don’t agree

22. Will you care about this person’s opinion in 5 years time? If the answer is no, don’t spend any longer than 5 minutes feeling upset about it

23. This person probably isn’t interested in what’s best for you

24. People who are nasty to others are not happy people, so pity their state of mind rather than letting them affect yours

25. You’ll sleep better at night

26. You’ll feel lighter, and more positive as each day goes on

27. You don’t have to carry the weight of other peoples opinions on your shoulders, so don’t!

28. Nothing bad will happen to you if you stop caring about these opinions

29. You deserve to be happy, and healthy, mentally and physically. Focusing on negativity does not help

30. You are you… and that won’t change. So, you should embrace that be unapologetically you! People love you!

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