This is such an important post to write because Social Media really does offer people an invisibility cloak. It gives you the opportunity to hide which isn’t going well and only showcase what is. Whilst this is all personal choice, I do feel like for anybody who is documenting their business journey and working for themselves on Social Media, it’s just as important to share the hardships just as much as the ‘look at me, I can do what I want!’ cocktail, nice car, Gucci handbag… ‘This is great!’ … another cocktail. You know the kind of posts I’m talking about.

When I started my own business a little over two years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would always remain REAL, HONEST AND GENUINE.

Gucci… that’s never been who I am in the first place, I’m a sale shopper through and through. But what you find is that nobody ever seems to want to share their STRUGGLES. Nobody ever posts to say ‘You know what, business hasn’t been great this month’. I think we’ve somewhat been conditioned to think that having a bad month is classed as failure, and that we should be embarassed of failure.
I don’t want to be somebody who hides away when it’s tough, I want to be raw. I want everybody who reads my stuff to know that it’s REAL – and I want to inspire people! There is no way on this Earth that running a successful business is ‘easy’ – no matter what you do for a living.

When we suffered our pregnancy losses at the end of last year, I felt like I completely lost my identity. Working from home, for yourself, with nobody telling you what to do sounds perfect… but again, nobody tells you how HARD it is at the best of times! Let alone when you’ve suffered a loss, or when you feel so down. I struggled to motivate myself, and some days even to get dressed. Call this what you will… depression? A tough time? Whatever it was… My reason for getting up and building this business every day was for our future children, and when they were taken away I felt I had lost my ‘why’.

I’ve worked since I was 16… never went to University, I wanted to earn my own money and be comfortable, as growing up, we had to watch every single penny. This motivated me more than ever! I started my business alongside a super busy full time job, and built that to a point where I was able to walk out of that job just over a year later. Easily the proudest moment of my life.

When I fell apart a few months ago, my business did too! No bullshit – this is the truth. I’ve gone back into full time work because we have a beautiful home and a wedding to pay for, and I won’t leave that to rest totally on my partner’s shoulders. I’ve always been independent as a woman… and that was not going to change. Another reason for this is that I needed to kick myself back into a routine… something that would force me to dress up, toughen up and SHOW up each day – something I wasn’t doing as a business owner. I needed people, and I’m lucky to be working with a fantastic bunch of those!

Currently, I’m rebuilding my business, and writing my blog whilst working full time – and I’m so happy to say that my mindset is improving drastically and the business is going from strength to strength again – despite me having 40 hours less every week to work on it.

The reason I’m sharing this is because NOBODY ever does. I refuse to believe that any highly successful person has had an easy ride. Set backs happen. Life throws curve balls – it’s sh*t at times! But I don’t believe that anybody should lose their raw edge or their real self just for the sake of their ego. I’m not ashamed. In the end, what really matters is that I haven’t given up when a lot of people probably would have. It’s the not giving up that’s KEY.

To whoever is reading this right now… I hope that this spurs you on to push yourself, and most importantly to do what’s best for you, without worrying about how others may perceive that!